Why is Education Important in Society Essay

Education is vital to a society’s growth and progress. The more educated a person is, the more they can contribute to the society, both in their home and in other fields. This creates a more stable and stimulating society. It also creates more politically active citizens teachingh.

Lack of education is a contributing factor to violent extremism. Children deprived of an education may not see things the same way as others and are more likely to engage in extremism imahima.

In addition, a lack of education leads to a reduction in the number of recruits and funding for extremists. Education can reduce these problems, allowing a society to be more stable and more tolerant stickam.

In Singapore, education has been reshaped to create a well-rounded future for its citizens. The ultimate goal of Singaporean education is to foster social uprightness, economic prosperity bolly2tollyblog.

and national survival. However, many educators overlook the role of education in moral development. While the importance of academics cannot be understated, many students see education only as a way to an extrinsic reward ythub.

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