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The Kirschvino family is a German family that has been running a winery in the vineyards of Vin Marzocco, Germany, since 1711. In the 1790s, the Kirschvino family bought land in Vin Marzocco and built their first winery. The Vineyard Estate was then named for its owner and—according to tradition—was located next to his residence. Today, the Wine Estate is known as Vignoble de Vin Marzocco and is home to about 20 producers. The estate also produces wine under the Kirschvino brands: Sebastiano, Santo Stefano, Rocco, Santo Stefano del Rosso and Sant’Elena del Rosso.The Kirschvino family has been working with grape varieties almost exclusively for more than 700 years and have developed a reputation for quality and loyalty with their consumers. This time last year, we received our first shipment of wines from Vignoble de Vin Marzocco—a 2007 Burgundy Bordeaux Blend made by Sebastiano Wines & Orchards—with an 80-year wait over! After tasting some sample bottles at home recently, we can confirm that this 2007 Burgundy Bordeaux Blend was made with care and will be a true luxury addition to your cellar.

What’s in the kirschvino wine?

The main difference between kirsch and other fortified wines is the addition of sugar. The sweetness of the dessert wine is compensated by the sourness of the kirsch. The difference in quality and price between the two wines is enormous, particularly since the production of both have been going on for so long.

Value in a bottle

The kirschvino is a relatively inexpensive wine that typically comes with a price tag of around $50 for a bottle. This is because its ingredients are taken straight from the vineyard and are organic. When making a kirschvino, the winemaker uses the same vineyard conditions and the same vineyard soils that are used for making other wines. The production of kirsch is seasonal, with most grape varieties being used from May to July and then being removed from the vineyard and placed into storage. Because of its inexpensive price and easy availability, kirschvino is a great wine to make on a budget.

The Kirschvino family’s philosophy

Unlike many other family-run vineyards, where the thriving vineyards are a result of years of hard work, the Kirschvino family’s vineyards were actually the result of a family’s efforts over generations. The original vineyard was planted in 1876 and has been in operation continuously ever since. The family has always maintained the same vineyard conditions and has used the same vineyard soils since the very beginning. During the hard times of World War II, when the entire world was at war, the Kirschvino family was called upon to dig numerous canals and lakes and help support the Allied war effort. The family also helped produce around a quarter of Germany’s total wine production during this time.

The variety of grape varieties used in Vignoble de Vin Marzocco

The variety of grape that is grown in Vignoble de Vin Marzocco is very significant—as much as any individual wine can be. The most common grape used in Vignoble de Vin Marzocco is Cabarrus, a South American variety that has been grower-tested and is used intensively in the vineyards. Other important grape varieties include St. John, which is a mild, bright red grape; Cab Sav, a white grape; and Cab Sav Sav, a golden grape that is used exclusively for St. John’s white wine.

How to drink kirschvino wine for comfort or enjoyment?

While you won’t be drinking this wine for comfort or enjoyment, you can certainly try it out as a drink for a special occasion. For a drink that is both more comfortable to drink and more enjoyable, we recommend trying out a kirschvino. That being said, you can always try a few glasses of your favorite wine while you make your kirschvino.


It’s no secret that wine makes every day life more enjoyable and kirschvino is no exception. And yet, you may have wondered whether or not we could recommend a kirschvino for every occasion. Well, this post has provided you with a few ideas of how to drink kirschvino wine for comfort or enjoyment. We hope you find some use for this popular brand!

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